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Some Sample Charters

Inshore Reef/Banks (inc flatties)

We run reef and ground fishing trips all year round, which normally involves fishing inshore at anchor on some rough ground or on a reef using bait fished on the bottom. If we are Turbot/Brill/Plaice fishing we tend to drift on the tide over the banks, gulleys and mussel beds where these fish are to be found.

This type of fishing is ideal for those who are new to boat fishing and also for experienced anglers looking for a relaxing day out without the hurly burly of fishing the deep sea wrecks in 200ft of water! Some species specific trips are also on the ground, for example Bream Fishing on the reefs from April until June and Plaice Fishing which is very popular from March through to October.

There are so many species you might catch, depending on the ground or reef fished and the season. But to give you some idea of spring to autumn species: Bass, Black Bream, Smoothhound, Spur Dog, Tope, Bull Huss, Plaice, Dab, Ray's, Garfish, Mackerel, Cod, Whiting and even Conger are all possible to catch on the grounds and reefs off Poole. If you want to catch a big Cod, winter is the time on the inshore rough ground marks.

Winter Ground Fishing for Cod

During the winter months Cod move inshore and we fish for them on the ground. If you want to catch a big Cod winter is the time to target your personal best. The prime months are normally November through until January when we start our trips to the famous grounds around the Isle of Wight. Large baits of cuttle, squid or lug on 8/0 pennel rigs nailed hard on the bottom in depths around 80 to 100 feet. The winter Cod Fishing in Poole has been superb over the last few years, with good numbers of fish to double figures and plenty of specimens over 20lb caught.

Wreck Fishing - Deep Sea Wrecking Trips

Our wrecking season generally runs from January until November, with the main target species being Pollack, Cod, Ling and Conger. There is also some excellent Black Bream and Bass fishing to be had on the wrecks in the summer and autumn.

If you are new to wreck fishing or deep sea tactics you can simply turn up, hire the tackle from us and enjoy your day - we'll show you what to do. Fishing in the deep sea is not for the faint hearted! You'll be working your lures non-stop in the depths and the fight you'll get from a fast diving Pollack or a powerful Cod has to be experienced to be believed. It can be very exciting fishing, with potential excellent catches to be expected, but it's physically hard work! If you're a beginner or simply looking for a relaxing day out you might be better off choosing a ground fishing trip instead, although we'll happily show you the ropes if you're new to wreck fishing and want to give it a go!

For most of the year we fish the deeper offshore wrecks by drifting with lures in search of Pollack, Cod and Bass. We stop the boat uptide of the wreck and drift over it working our chosen lure up and down by winding the handle (typically 20 turns) then dropping down and repeating the process until the end of the drift. The Skipper will then motor up the tide again to repeat the process. It's usual to visit several wrecks on such trips as the skipper will have a plan based on the tides for the day.

Lures used include Shads and Jellyworms with Sidewinders and Redgill Evolutions being by far the most popular and effective in use today. For Cod and Pollack the reliable colours are black firetails, rhubarb and custard/sunset (which are red/orange), white and blue or fish coloured. For Bass the other type of lure to consider are the Savage Sandeels which are really doing the business!

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